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Here are a few live table reads, virtual screenings, and workshop events that Jordan has been a part of over the years. As an award-winning producer and actress, she's passionate about being a part of the development process of a film or play. 

The following projects are pieces that Jordan has both acted and produced (in a small or big way) - they are a gathering of the director, cast, and writers.  

Please select one of the below projects to find out more or watch the reading.


August 6, 2020 - Live Private Reading of "Paradiddle," a new film from Craig Singer & Robert Dean Klein.

Directed by Thomas G. Waites

Written by Craig Singer & Robert Dean Klein


Featuring; Brandon Thomas Lee, George Gallagher, Jordan Elizabeth Gelber, Ronnie Marmo, Adrienne Lovette, Yaron Urbas, Ignacyo Matynia, Candice Myers, Savion Terrance-Smith, & Iliana Guibert-McGinnis.

Produced by Craig Singer & Jordan Elizabeth Gelber

Special Thanks to Host Allie Marshall  & Soho Muse

Due to Technical Difficulty, the role of Farrell will be played by Ignacyo Matinia.

Three Brothers. One Goal. Getting their lives back in sync.

During the 2020 pandemic, many performers, like myself - felt stuck in their careers, not knowing what would come next, and concerned for where their next job would come from. We were all sitting at home and yearning to be a part of something that connected us to the root of our passion....for me it's always been acting and producing.

"Paradiddle," has always had a special place in my heart since the writer, Craig Singer, sent it for me to read a year prior. I wanted to make this film so badly and wanted to take advantage of this unique time to try to get it made.

I resonated with the themes of music, family, responsibility, and the unfortunate circumstances of dealing with a partner addicted to drugs. 

I had the idea to stage a virtual reading after witnessing the success of Brando Crawford with his productions for Acting for a Cause. It was because of him that I wanted to reach out to Brandon Thomas Lee and Thomas McDonnell for the leading roles. I'll be eternally grateful for their participation.


Between bad wifi, broken cameras, shotty service, and zoom malfunctions - we were able to have a seamless and impactful reading on August 6, 2020. 


To say that Farrell Taggart has his hands full is an understatement. He lives in a run-down apartment with his brothers – older Michael and younger Stephen - and works overtime on Wall Street to pay the bills. Their parents died years ago and Farrell’s still bearing the burden. Farrell’s stressful life’s a far cry from his carefree younger days as a drummer in a rising rock band with Michael.


Michael’s a far cry from who he used to be, too. When heroin joined the band, Farrell got out. But Michael’s sank deeper and deeper. Filled with lost dreams and bloated resentment for Farrell because he quit the band, Michael fills his days being a wasted waste of space.


Stephen’s finishing high school. Enamored with his brothers’ wild past, the well-to-do relatives couldn’t keep him from sharing a roach-infested tenement with his idols. He’s constantly hearing on the streets how good his brothers’ band used to be. Stephen likes trouble, too, and Farrell’s more than aware of the slippery slope that comes with the territory.


Farrell’s girlfriend, Austin, wants to make a life with him outside of his run-down neighborhood. She knows his brothers may sit in the way. Austin’s just as aware as Farrell of the festering danger of Michael’s addiction, and how it can blow up at any time. She knows too well--she was Michael’s girlfriend during the band’s heyday.


“Paradiddle” is a powerful drama that sticks to your soul as it explores themes of drug addiction, bitterness and family duty.

A Concert-Reading inspired by true events.

OF NO PLEASANT SIDE - STAGE II with Falcon Rep: November 2019

Written & Directed by Frank S. Petrilli

At The Town Players of New Canaan STAGE II

Featuring members of the Falcon Repertory Company

Of No Pleasant Side - Gallery

Jordan Elizabeth Gelber (Trude Beck) - appeared in the premiere production of Covers at the Arclight Theater in Manhattan; she then went on to tour with the play in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia. She is also a member of Manhattan’s Theater 68, where she has performed in numerous showcases. On TV, she has appeared in House of Cards, One Life To Live, The Americans, and The Perfect Murder among others. Jordan has a B.A in Communication Arts & Graphic Design from Marymount Manhattan College, studied at Weist Barron Studios, trained with Susan Campochiaro Confrey, and attended the RCA (Performing Arts Magnet School) in Trumbull, CT.

Of no pleasant side

“The Lasagna Stands Alone” is a one-act Italian-American dramatic comedy, with songs.

Written & Directed by  Annie Rachele Lanzillotto 

Sunday, October 6, 2019

St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Church

157 Montague Street (corner of Clinton Street)

Brooklyn, New York, 11201

Featuring members of Theatre 68 


Photos from the Performance at St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Church