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Fanbolt Exclusive: ‘Harry Potter’ Star Stan Yanevski Talks Leaky Con, Fandom, and Tattoos

When I attended Leaky Con a few weeks ago, little did I know how much my Gryffindor pride would change! As a self-proclaimed and unashamed Potterhead, I traveled to Boston in hopes of meeting some of the most influential Harry Potter influencers, dance with the Potter Puppet Pals, and hang out with a few Wizarding World fan-favorites – then I passed by none other than Stan Yanevski aka Viktor Krum, and now, I definitely a Durmstrang groupie.

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"Yes, you heard it here first, Stan is a Potterhead bachelor. Why? Well, I guess you’ll have to watch the full interview to find out."

Jordan Elizabeth Gelber Interviews Stan Yanevski at LeakyCon - WATCH THE FULL INTERVIEW

Interview and Article by: Jordan Elizabeth Gelber

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