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Red Carpet, Red Lipstick, Red Nails - Movie Premiere!

Last Tuesday I went to the #RedCarpet Premiere of my film "When We Dance the Music Dies" in my old Long Island stomping grounds...and it was AMAZING!

Executive Producer, Mark Mattson, and I worked on the film the last year trying to get it out there, and it was well worth the wait.

I had joined the team in early 2018 after working with the visionary director & writer, Anthony De Lioncourt on another film - needlessly to say we hit it off and I came on board as the Assistant Director and Producer. My team from Starbaby Enterprises was able to bring new life into the film and it was a dream to work with William Ragsdale (from Fright Night!), Catherine Mary Stewart, and Eric Roberts.

The film was Cast by my good friend Donna McKenna and the director Anthony even brought me into the cast, it was such a lovely experience.

Here are some photos from the premiere! I'm so grateful to have worked with everyone on this film and can't wait to see where it goes.

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