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SCENE NIGHT SUCCESS! - August 3, 2022

Last Wednesday, I had the immense joy of being able to perform with all my friends at scene night with Thomas G. Waites.

Our class has been working on several scenes, monologues, and newly written pieces over the last year or so - that we have been dying to perform since COVID!

I worked on two pieces; "Suddenly Last Summer" by Tennessee Williams and "'night, Mother" by Marsha Norman.

The first piece I performed was "'night, Mother" with Nancy DeRosa - it was such a meaningful scene as I consider Nancy almost like a second mother so we were able to really explore the darkness of the scene together.

Then I performed a scene from "Suddenly Last Summer" which I've been itching to perform since I saw the play on broadway back in 2006. I got to work with the amazing Jake Minevich - we had been working on this for over a year and had taken a was so lovely to come back to it and see how much we'd grown as actors.

I love this class so much!

(From Left to Right; Dillon John Collins, Jake Minevich, Mos Cotto, Nancy DeRosa, Dominique Ramirez, Nate Olmeda, Jordan Elizabeth Gelber, John Yera, Breanna Neomi, Glenn Delaney, Peter Glissman, Kaitlyn Mitchell, Gianna Petrone, Stephanie Londono, Andrea Woodbridge)

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