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Why do I want to be the Next Maxim Cover Girl?

Let’s get right to the point, I want to win the Maxim Cover Girl Contest 2022. These words are not something I thought I would ever hear myself say out loud, but now I can’t stop repeating them daily as part of my morning manifestation. I find myself writing “I am the next Maxim Cover Girl” in my journal while sipping my morning coffee.

Truth be told, I never considered myself qualified to be a Maxim Cover Girl Contestant. I always thought of myself too awkward, too ‘average’, too obnoxiously nerdy – too haunted by my never-ending imposter syndrome to be seen in the public eye that way.

The idea of something like Maxim Magazine becoming synonymous with my name seemed so out of reach, I gave up before even trying. However, life is too short to be your own worst enemy and prevent yourself from dreaming big.

It’s nothing like surviving a global pandemic, overcoming PTSD from personal trauma, and the knowledge that people are rooting for you to fail – to spark something unstoppable within you.

And now, after weeks of voting, I find myself in the top 1% and in the Quarterfinals of the Maxim Cover Girl 2022 Competition.

How does the Maxim Cover Girl Contest Work?

If you are unaware of the Maxim Magazine competition, it is an online contest that runs for approximately 8-weeks and showcases women of all ages, shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. The first competition was in 2017 with Olivia Burns becoming the first Maxim Cover Girl Winner.

The structure of the competition is as follows:

  • You enter the Maxim Cover Girl Contest on the Maxim website

  • Those chosen are to compete in groups of 50 from around the country for several weeks

  • Public voting determines each participant’s rank in the competition throughout the contest

  • Each week the groups whittle down in numbers from 50 to 20 to 10 to 5 to 1 preliminary winner for the Quarterfinals

  • In the Quarterfinals the voting is reset and the top 1% of participants compete in groups of 10

  • One winner of each Quarterfinal group advances to the Semifinals

  • Voting resets again for the Semifinal groups

  • One winner of each Semifinal group advances to the Finals

  • Voting resets for the last time and public voting determines the winner of the 2022 Maxim Cover Girl Competition

The woman who inspired me to enter the competition was 2018’s Maxim Cover Girl Winner Janel Tanna. I watched her journey on social media and knew of her from similar acting circles in New York City.

Furthermore, the fact that she was not only an actress, producer, and model – but also had an M.D In Psychiatry – made me feel confident in competing. Like the previous Maxim Cover Girl Winner 2019, Elizabeth Nguyen, who worked towards a biochemistry degree, I also had a “beauty and brains” background.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be a 2-time Entrepreneur as well as an Actress for over a decade. I knew I always wanted to act at a young age and I was equally as hungry to start my own business. I launched my Marketing and Production firm, Starbaby Enterprises, in 2013 after freelancing as a business consultant for years. My passion for helping others advance in their careers while having the ability to take control of my acting career through producing projects – brought me to where I am today.

After seeing how well-rounded the other Maxim Cover Girl Winners were my concern for being “too sexy” and “not serious enough” as a CEO was obliterated.

What are the Contest Rules?

The Maxim Cover Girl Contest 2022 Winner is established through public voting. This can happen through free daily votes and Warrior Vote donations.

The Maxim Cover Contest: The Maxim Cover Girl Competition not only showcases beautiful women full of individuality and ambition, but it also aims to raise awareness for veterans in need. We support Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors’ mission to build and remodel handicap-accessible homes to suit the individual needs of injured veterans. All JAH4WW board members are non-paid volunteers who believe wholeheartedly in doing what is right for our military veterans.

Warrior Votes are paid votes that donate to Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors helping veterans in need.

This year’s Maxim Cover Girl will win a photoshoot with the amazing Giles Bensimon in St. Tropez, France, receive a cash prize of $25,000, and the cover of Maxim.

What would Jordan Elizabeth Gelber do with the $25,000?

If I were voted as the cover girl for Maxim and won $25,000, I would use it to sponsor another young girl's dream to come true. I started my own business because I truly believe that everyone has the right to have access to their dreams. I've seen many people, especially in the creative arts, stunt themselves by not giving themselves permission to "say yes" and do what they want. I would use the money to help a young aspiring filmmaker tell their story, create their film, and make their dreams a reality.

Why do I want to be the next Maxim Cover Girl?

I want to be the next Maxim Cover Girl because I am sick of hiding and want to inspire others that they don’t have to hide anymore. I had recently gotten out of a traumatic relationship when the pandemic happened. The physical and emotional abuse I incurred had taken a toll on my confidence, body, and trust within myself, leaving me completely isolated. No one prepares you to see the signs of addiction or abuse until it’s finally staring you in the face – I felt a combination of compassion for what my partner at the time was going through mentally and riddled with devastation for what they were doing to me.

Being someone that I considered a “strong personality,” I was ashamed that I had “allowed” something so awful to happen to me for so long. After taking the first step towards mental health, I realized there wasn’t anything to feel shame about, I survived a situation that happened to me not because of me. I wanted to look in the mirror and stop hating the person I no longer recognized looking back at me.

Through the pandemic, I struggled with flashbacks, anxiety, triggers, and what later became diagnosed as PTSD and started rebuilding my life – piece by piece. I started sharing my story, rebuilding my business, following my acting dream of being in the next Fantastic Beasts (Harry Potter!) movie and connecting with people again.

People can be cruel but they can also be wonderful; you need to find your tribe and community. I’ve been fortunate enough for the last year to feel some sort of normalcy again and find a strong support system. I’ve also seen the importance of showing up and letting others know they aren’t alone either. I want to win this competition to show that you truly can do it all and it’s not what happens to you but how you deal with it.

I know that no matter what, regardless if I win, the fact that I’ve gotten this far is a win within itself – everything is something worth celebrating.

Where can you vote for the Maxim Cover Girl 2022 Contest?

There is less than a week left of the Quarterfinals and I am currently in 3rd place. I would love any support in getting back to number 1 and making it through to the Semifinals.

Please share the link, like, subscribe, do daily votes, and if you’re feeling extra generous – a Warrior Vote for the Homes for Wounded Warriors!

Here is my voting link:

Follow the Journey:

Thank you for being a part of this journey with me. I’ll see you at the top!

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