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JULY 10, 2022

The program all about TV. Our guests: Jordan Gelber, chief executive officer of Aperteur Network, distributed via smart TV sets, devices and multichannel bundles

May 31, 2022

In this interview, Founder and CEO Jordan Elizabeth Gelber talks about the function of the network, their selection process for content, and the company’s business model. She describes the network as a “way station” and as a “living portfolio and market place” where series and film projects are fostered and then connected with larger streaming channels. The mission is to work with creators to get them to a streaming channel where their project will actually live.

MAY 20, 2022

Aperteur is a new OTT platform aimed at bridging the gap between creatives and decision-makers in the entertainment industry. Led by Starbaby Enterprises’s Jordan Elizabeth Gelber CEO and Founder, the platform has created a virtual ecosystem where content creators can confidently share their artistic visions with the world, directly connect with their audience, and make empowered decisions about their future through the power of OTT, available on Roku.

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APRIL 16, 2022

Jordie is that badass boss beauty type. She is an entrepreneur, writer, actor and producer. She gets into social media, business and acting, but a lot of life lessons too. Being half a Tomboy, stressors of childhood, using your imagination to set goals, and strategies to deal with ADHD.

April 14, 2022

INDUSTRY CONNECTION WORKSHOP – WORKSHOP - In Attendance: Ramfis Myrthil (Producer, Cicada), Mara McCann (Everygirl Enterprises), Jordan Elizabeth Gelber (“The Americans”). Showbiz Connection will present a unique workshop for SeriesFest: Season 8 badge holders that highlights the benefits of LinkedIn for Entertainment Professionals. The purpose of this workshop is to empower, engage, and entertain content creators with the reality that they can control their own pathway to success through the power of the LinkedIn platform.

April 14, 2022

SeriesFest will be back with six days of events brimming with notable talent next month. SeriesFest Season 8 will take place May 5 -11, with the beloved festival returning to Denver, Colorado, with in-competition screenings, panels, workshops, and exclusive sneak peeks and television premieres. In Attendance: Ramfis Myrthil (Producer, Cicada), Mara McCann (Everygirl Enterprises), Jordan Elizabeth Gelber (“The Americans”)

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SEPTEMBER 29, 2021 

This week David sits down with Jordan Elizabeth Gelber, to discuss her life as an actress, producer and launching her startup companies, including Starbaby Enterprises and Aperteur.  Jordan talks OTT platforms (think Netflix & Hulu) and how her network supports content creators!

September 22, 2021

Get your CONTENT as we welcome visionary Jordan Elizabeth Gelber on to talk season 2 of Rogue Matter's 'Content & Consequences' podcast, the do's and dont's of trying to create content and her take on the art vs content argument.

September 22, 2021

Announcement from Aperteur & Catalyst -Recognizing the apparent disconnect between content creators and today’s outdated entertainment distribution business models, Catalyst and Aperteur have formed a partnership to democratize entertainment and build a sustainable pipeline for talent and content.

JULY 11, 2021

Jordan Gelber, accomplished actress, marketing superstar, storyteller, and CEO, stopped by the studio for a chat with #TheHotties! What a joy it was to have her wit and infectious energy on another fabulous episode of #HotFlash! Check out our sparkly new interview with Jordan, NOW STREAMING! 

January 14, 2021

Host JOHNNY KEATTH empowers 1 or 2 artists per episode worldwide the ability to promote themselves and share their success stories on his Top Ten International Podcast in Performing Arts. In Episode 227 JOHNNY KEATTH interviews Jordan Elizabeth Gelber - Actress - Content Creator - CEO.

November 30, 2020

We are 3 guys who have discussions about various films both good and bad movies sometimes the unscripted talk will venture off-topic to other interesting discussions.

October 9, 2020

Eric and Jordan discuss: -Mainstream Media Behaving Shady -Ms. Veteran America -Trump on Tucker -Latest News of The Day Actor and Real Estate Investor Brando Crawford discuss his project that is changing lives.

September 18, 2020

Join Host Eric Mitchell and Jordan Gelber as they discuss how to deal with crazy people on social media and media folks that say things for attention.

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September 8, 2020

Jordan Elizabeth Gelber - CEO of the Marketing + Production Firm Starbaby Enterprises and Founder of Starbaby Network

August 14, 2020

Digital Marketing Maven and Starbaby Enterprises' CEO & Founder, Jordan Elizabeth Gelber shares how to spot fake Instagram accounts, and why brands shouldn't buy fake fans and fake followers. Plus Eric and Jordan share why some media people are causing more harm than good.

JUNE 10, 2020

We have Jordan Gelber CEO of Starbaby Enterprises discussing the fall out from J.K Rowling’s tweets about gender identity. YouTube maven Paige Wilhide shares her tips and tricks to launching your brand on YouTube and Cynthia Frunzi shares her mission to inspire people for greatness, starting with financial literacy.

MAy 20, 2020

Don't miss an ALL-NEW "To the Point" Wednesday with Co-Host Jordan Gelber joining Eric Mitchell.

MAy 13, 2020

Eric Mitchell and Jordan Gelber get to the Point with guests.

May 2, 2020

Jordan Gelber joined us today to share why companies need to turn to digital marketing now more than ever. In the coming months, businesses are going to become more reliant than ever on their digital strategy. Without wanting to sound too alarmist, in many cases it will be the deciding factor in whether they make it through the tough times ahead.

April 20, 2020

We discuss the latest news on the #coronavirusus Small Businesses left in the cold by the CARE ACT

March 31, 2020

ughter Saves Lives Live - March 31st, 2020. With special guests Tom Daddario, Jordan Elizabeth Gelber,Cara Amore, Mary Wentz, and more!

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NOVEMBER 30, 2019

OTT - yeah, you know OTT? with Jordan Elizabeth Gelber, Our guest is Jordan Elizabeth Gelber, producer of Starbaby Enterprises. Jordan is also an actor and writer and she is always on the cutting edge of technology. On this episode, Jordan explains what OTT is and how it's the new, hottest way to show your content.

NOVEMBER 18, 2019

Local horror and sci-fi movie fans turned out Tuesday for a special red carpet exclusive Long Island screening of the new psychological thriller When We Dance the Music Dies at Bellmore Movies.

NOVEMBER 12, 2019

Last night's When We Dance the Music Dies Screening at Bellmore Movies, was a fabulous opportunity for Chef Paula and #CookingWithStars to interview the talented cast about their roles in this psychological thriller. Click on this post to watch our videos.

june 19, 2019

In this episode, producer Jordan Elizabeth Gelber joins host Jason Godbey in the Rabbit Hole Studio to talk about her recent trip to Miami Web Fest. She also gives her advice to creatives looking to get their projects into web festivals as well as her insight on where web content is headed. Edited by Christine Tamariz Show Theme by Christopher Gillard Created by Jason Godbey

February 27, 2019

Today on the (KeithAndrewNetWork®) We have gotten the chance to Interview Jordan Elizabeth Gelber, known for being an actor at Theatre 68.

October 18, 2018

In this episode, Jordan Elizabeth Gelber talks about her production company, Starbaby Enterprises, and advises on how just to get started making films. Music by Christopher Gillard Created by Jason Godbey

August 24, 2018

Jordan Elizabeth Gelber -is an actress and entrepreneur from New York City, currently residing in Brooklyn, who has always been a lover of the performing arts–from putting on shows in her parents’ kitchen when she was a kid to playing numerous roles both onstage and off. She graduated from Marymount Manhattan College in 2010.

JUNE 4, 2018

The Actor as the Entrepreneur You can now go create, find an audience, and profit without permission. Jordan Elizabeth Gelber is a New York City-based Actress and film producer. She is the CEO of the award winning marketing and production company.

JULY 28, 2017

We break down ComicCon 2017: Black Panther, Thor, Justice League & more with actress & producer Jordan Elizabeth Gelber of StarBaby Enterprises & ComicCon expert Victor Dandridge Jr. PLUS: The mustache that could change EVERYTHING for Justice League What Spider-Man: Homecoming's box office means for Marvel as ComicCon2017 begins! Here's an excerpt from the Podcast

June 9, 2017

HOW WE MADE OUR WEB SERIES... OUTSIDE OF HOLLYWOOD (PANEL) Independent, online TV producers from around America share the agony and ecstasy of making original scripted content in their respective states. Jordan Elizabeth Gelber, assistant director-actor, “Neem’s Themes”*Comedy*Outstanding Writing & Ensemble & Series (Woodbridge, NEW JERSEY, USA)

Screen Shot 2022-08-13 at 11.08.37 PM.png
sEPTEMBER 8, 2016

Get your CONTENT as we welcome visionary Jordan Elizabeth Gelber on to talk season 2 of Rogue Matter's 'Content & Consequences' podcast, the do's and dont's of trying to create content and her take on the art vs content argument.

August 10, 2016

Media executives Frank J. Fernandez, Jordan Elizabeth Gelber, John Thomas and others join Bonnie Bruderer in the BRAND IT panel.

APRIL 28, 2016

It's one thing when you meet an actress - seemingly in New York City you can poke a stick any which way and come up with someone who's been on Law & Order or at least auditioned - but it's another when you meet someone who has their proverbial s*** together and has a business no less. This is Jordan Elizabeth Gelber, who has been featured on shows like One Life to Live, House of Cards, and (most recently) The Americans, but is also the CEO of Starbaby Enterprises, which is a company that offers support and consultation for actors, and features then in monologues and other videos on the youtube page (see link below). We also talk about what it's like to go to a Performing Arts high school (like Fame, you ask?) and what it's like to go from an indie film to a set like the Americans. It was an informative conversation and fun too, with insight into someone who has talent and is an entrepreneur. (A small technical note: this was our first podcast done via Skype, so if there are a few moments where it sounds a little rough around the edges we apologize in advance.) 

APRIL 22, 2015

New York's Lost & Found Project theatre troupe comes to the Segal Centre with its play COVERS by Ruvym Gilman and Boris Zilberman, and directed by acclaimed theatre director Alexandre Marine. Originally produced at the National Yiddish Theatre - Folksbiene, this engaging psychological work is being presented in English by the Dora Wasserman Yiddish Theatre as part of its New Jewish Scene Series for two performances only May 9th (8:00 p.m.) and May 10th (2:00 p.m.) at the Segal Centre Studio. Watch the trailer.

december 4, 2014


may 26, 2013

Switching identities is the subject of a new theater production by a Russian-Jewish troupe in New York that hopes to engage its immigrant audience in a sacred search.

may 21, 2013

Switching identities is the subject of a new theater production by a Russian-Jewish troupe in New York that hopes to engage its immigrant audience in a sacred search.

June 6, 2012

At a time when U.S.-Russian relations at a governmental level are frosty, the positive impact of civil society organizations, such as the Russian American Foundation, and their initiatives cannot be overstated. One of the outstanding groups participating in the program is "Lost and Found," a theater ensemble headed by Anna Zicer. She defines the group as an investigative theater laboratory, with its members

march 31, 2012

Not all actors in this performance are equally professional. However, the sincerity and charge of energy coming from the stage captivate and compensate for the lack of acting skills. We can say that the theatrical experiment was a success. What will happen next? Let's see. 

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