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The Lost & Found Project

Lost & Found Project is an award-winning troupe, founded in 2011 as a multi-faceted theatre experiment by a group of young NYC-based actors and writers. Jordan is one of the original founding company members - she was a part of the theater company from 2011-2015.


Lost & Found is an experimental docu-theatre troupe that creates original stage productions based on the Verbatim technique. In our dynamic L&F laboratory, the sense of our past journeys collides with our objective reality, and our current experiences are in a struggle with the individuality of each storyteller.

The process can be daunting and struggling, as we never know what the outcome may be, but we just have to trust the process. The goal of the project is to include the audience in our process and to allow them the opportunity to raise questions concerning their own identity and become more aware of their history. The ensemble creates their work through a series of workshops, training, and improv sessions, where we explore deeper human experiences through drama.

Since the creation of the Lost & Found Project, the troupe created and performed in several original productions, both nationally and internationally.


Jordan was a part of the original pieces;  DOROGA (2011-2012), COVERS (2013-2014) - select the production below to watch performances, promotional photos, behind the scenes, and more.

In March 2013, Lost & Found Project became an affiliate and key program of the FolksbieneRU division, which is a partnership initiative of the Genesis Philanthropy Group and National Yiddish Theatre-Folksbiene.

Lost & Found premiered its second original production of COVERS, on May 21-June 2, 2013 at The Arclight Theatre in NYC. The play is a collaboration of the actors' family stories, under the direction of acclaimed Russian director, Alexandre Marine.

COVERS looks into family bonds, our choices and decisions we have made that have formed our lives today. All these are inevitable products to ourselves and to our relationships, they are the glue of our lives, as well as, the possible cause of our downfalls.

The troupe have toured parts of the United States, in addition to Canada, Russia, Germany and Israel with this production.

"Covers" takes you deep into the familial bonds, that are the glue of our lives, as well as the possible cause of our downfalls. 

The National Yiddish Theatre -- Folksbiene presents the World Premiere of Lost & Found Project's Production: COVERS, a play in English. - ARCLIGHT THEATRE 152 W. 71st Street


Written by Ruvym Gilman & Boris Zilberman, Directed by Alexandre Marine, with Alya Adelman, Jordan Elizabeth Gelber, Ruvym Gilman, Mariya (Masha) King, Sergey Nagorny, Gera Sandler, Yelena Shmulenson, Ruslan Verkhovsky, Anna Zicer, Boris Zilberman.


The inaugural event of The National Yiddish Theatre -- Folksbiene's new division, Folksbiene.RU, COVERS is a platform for events and educational programming exploring the rich heritage and complex, multi-layered identities of the Russian-speaking Jewish community. Foksbiene.RU is a partnership initiative of the Genesis Philanthropy Group and National Yiddish Theater - Folksbiene. Marketing and outreach support is provided by COJECO, an agency of the UJA Federation of New York. Director, Marketing Communications: Christopher Massimine.