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The 68 Cent Crew Theatre Company believes in the inner beauty of the soul, its desire to touch others deeply, and the souls willingness to be exposed. We believe love is the governing force of life, which enables all people to transcend the difficulties in their lives and realize their true potential.

Our philosophy contends that once an artist is exposed to his or her own inner beauty, a connection is made from the inside world to the outside world allowing creativity to flourish unencumbered by self-judgement. This connection not only blurs the line between reality and fantasy, but also removes it completely.

Our community seeks to build character, cultivate high self-esteem, and a desire for artistic and creative fulfillment through our commitment to the artist and their dedication to the theatre company.

Jordan has been an active member of Theatre 68 since 2018 after meeting Ronnie Marmo - the Founder and Artistic Director of the theater company.

“The stage is not merely the meeting place of all the arts, but is also the return of art to life.”- Oscar Wilde

Theatre 68 with special guests Joe Mantegna and Neil LaBute.

Streamed live on Sep 26, 2020 CLOSING NIGHT, Saturday at 8pm EST.


The Hooking Place Featuring: Megan Magee and Jordan Elizabeth Gelber, Directed by Ronnie Marmo, and  Written by Annie Lanzillotto.

Two women lovers, both NYC artists, have their first fight. ABBY tells JO she plans to have dinner with her ex-boyfriend.


Their clash is fueled by class difference, communication style, and prior trauma. Surrounded by the conjuring of the sounds of New York City.

This virtual performance was a part of the Theatre 68 One Act Fundraising Festival. The original one-act was a live production and the innovative tech design was a direct response to the 2020 pandemic. 

Through the power of art and Zoom, we were able to create a special and intimate performance for our audience.

Starring Megan Magee & Jordan Elizabeth Gelber

Directed by Ronnie Marmo

Written by Annie Rachele Lanzillotto

Sound Design by Lauren Winnenberg


The New York Chapter of Theatre 68 celebrates its 9th Annual One Acts Fundraising Festival featuring seven original one act plays written by company members! Amid the closures on Broadway and Off-Broadway, Theatre 68 is pushing the boundaries of a new medium for live theatre.


Celebrating creativity and ingenuity with their annual play festival, this time broadcasted through Zoom. Each play is written, directed and performed entirely by members of the company.


Centered around the theme of “Primal Instincts”, these short plays will take a classic theatrical approach infused with film production elements. Each 10-15 minute play will be performed once a week for six weeks, beginning on Tuesday August 18th at 8pm, and running through September 27th.


Each play will be shown on YouTube (link below) and through the Company’s social media accounts, and will include a talk back with the actors and director following the performance.


All proceeds will continue to keep the "doors" of Theatre 68 open, both in New York and LA. While producing during the pandemic has been challenging, one advantage is that the Virtual format allows Theatre 68 the unique opportunity to show their work to audiences all over the world!


In a time when the theatre community is losing traction day by day, Theatre 68 hopes to use this opportunity not just to keep the wheels turning, but to grow, move forward, and to reach a widespread audience in ways that have not been possible before.

Theatre 68 is Bi Coastal, with a company residing in New York, and a physical theater home in Los Angeles. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, many theaters in the NoHo arts district have been in danger of closing, Theatre 68 being no exception. The One Act Festival will not only act as a fundraiser for Theatre 68’s theater in North Hollywood, but a celebration of its mission and the work of its members.

The Hooking Place

Recorded live on May 9, 2020 on Theatre 68's instagram.

This Monologue is written by Elexandra Halee from the LA chapter of Theatre 68 and performed by Jordan Gelber from the NY chapter.

Monologe Jam

August 22 -24, 2019 - Manhattan Rep

Jill & Jack by Clara Kay
Directed by Susan Malfitano

Starring:  Jordan Elizabeth Gelber & Hunter Mruz


March 23 -25, 2018 & March 30-31, 2018 -At The Arthur Seelen Theatre at the Drama Book shop. 250 West 40th St NY.

Come check out "Private Moments” A hilarious evening written, directed, and performed by Theatre 68 company members.

A Private Party by Carly Wilkins
Directed by Mariel Matero

Starring:  Jordan Elizabeth Gelber, Samantha Bowen, Kelsey Coughlin, Judy Brown-Steele, Lauren Winnenberg, Susan Malfitano, Julia Tolchin

One Act Festivals
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